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Man is the creature that builds, and the most simple and sacred of his constructions is a fire.
– Anonymous Castan

Her name was Margo, as she made known to them when the echoes of her laughter died out. She was so far taken with the plague that she was barely recognizable as a woman in the dim light of the settlement’s campfire. She was squat and bow-legged, filthy of dress and hair, missing most of her teeth and both of her shoes. Her skin was pale and flab, but her eyes were bright and cunning.

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Black Wind – Meeting

Black Wind is a new dark fantasy experiment of mine. It tells the story of a group of travellers who seek refuge in a world haunted by a mysterious plague.

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Enjoy the first chapter of Black Wind, Meeting, below.

Bar your doors and lock your windows when the black wind blows from the north, for he who opens his heart to that wind will surely be taken by the plague.
-Words of a wise man

It was as foul a night as any man living had seen, and Tranton, for its size, was clinging yet to handful of men whose lives had not been strangled short by the plague.