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There are many kinds of wood, but only one kind of ash.
Jyseni proverb

Trahern watched in horror as the fiend bore down on Barlow. The man made no attempt to escape as the slender fingers wrapped around him and began to squeeze the life from his lungs. The creature pawed at Barlow’s shirt with one hand as it held him fast with the other; it took his mail shirt by the neck and began to pull it apart link by link. The fleshy nozzle that hung from its face writhed in earnest, stretching out, feeling at Barlow’s chest, searching for a way in.

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Black Wind: Patrol is on Wattpad

Learn the value of one man’s life before you seek to command a thousand.
– General Yarm, the Book of War

The next day was rain.

Cray awoke from a blessedly deep slumber to the sound of droplets pattering on the roof of the outhouse. A stream of water was running down the far corner of the room, forming a puddle that had soaked through the hem of Setka’s cloak. It must not have reached his skin, as he was still asleep.

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Man is the creature that builds, and the most simple and sacred of his constructions is a fire.
– Anonymous Castan

Her name was Margo, as she made known to them when the echoes of her laughter died out. She was so far taken with the plague that she was barely recognizable as a woman in the dim light of the settlement’s campfire. She was squat and bow-legged, filthy of dress and hair, missing most of her teeth and both of her shoes. Her skin was pale and flab, but her eyes were bright and cunning.

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