Tower: Trials is Now Available!


Though little time has passed since Kyle Campbell’s fall into the mysterious world of Loria, its magic has already begun to reshape him. He has flown through the sky in a golden airship, and won a sword from a battle with a goblin chieftain. He is adapting, and his knowledge and power are growing.

However, the danger that shadows him is growing as well. A powerful enemy has learned of his existence, and will stop at nothing to track him down. Kyle needs to find a way home, and quickly. But before he can reach his destination, he is captured by the enigmatic Buors, and brought to their forsaken homeland to await the judgement of their king.

All the while, his relentless pursuers are closing in…

Kyle’s greatest trials are just beginning.

I am incredibly excited to announce that my second book, Trials, is now available for pre-order through the IFWG Bookstore!

Trials, the second book in the Tower series, picks up where Loria left off. It tells the story of Kyle Campbell, a vagrant trapped in a mysterious and magical world. It chronicles his journey through the world of Loria as he attempts to understand, and hopefully reverse, the strange accident that brought him there.

Trials has been three years in the making, and I couldn’t be happier to announce its release. Kyle’s story will be concluded in Archsage, the third and final volume of the Tower trilogy.

The Legend of Maxx Returns!


It’s been some time, but as of one week ago, The Legend of Maxx is once again up and running! For those unfamiliar, The Legend of Maxx is a webcomic based on the indie game Terraria, and is my largest and most successful ongoing project to date.

I first began creating The Legend of Maxx nearly four years ago, and the comic enjoyed an unprecedented level of recognition. Last December, I made the decision to suspend the webcomic indefinitely, as many things were changing in my life and the comic had become a huge time commitment. I’ve now reached a place where I feel comfortable creating the odd comic again, and frankly, have gotten the itch to chronicle more of Maxx’s strange adventures. Hopefully there will be many more comics to come!

Black Wind: Cleansing is on Wattpad

There are many kinds of wood, but only one kind of ash.
Jyseni proverb

Trahern watched in horror as the fiend bore down on Barlow. The man made no attempt to escape as the slender fingers wrapped around him and began to squeeze the life from his lungs. The creature pawed at Barlow’s shirt with one hand as it held him fast with the other; it took his mail shirt by the neck and began to pull it apart link by link. The fleshy nozzle that hung from its face writhed in earnest, stretching out, feeling at Barlow’s chest, searching for a way in.

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Black Wind: Patrol is on Wattpad

Learn the value of one man’s life before you seek to command a thousand.
– General Yarm, the Book of War

The next day was rain.

Cray awoke from a blessedly deep slumber to the sound of droplets pattering on the roof of the outhouse. A stream of water was running down the far corner of the room, forming a puddle that had soaked through the hem of Setka’s cloak. It must not have reached his skin, as he was still asleep.

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Ten Awesome and Free Flash Games!


While Flash may be on its way out, there is still something incredibly appealing about those addictive little games that are peppered throughout the Internet. Before indie development was a real thing, programmers with too much time on their hands spent their hours building games about poking bunnies, spanking monkeys, and launching adorable little kittens out of cannons. And, before the advent of smartphones, these games were THE best way to waste time in class.

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