The Legend of Maxx Returns!


It’s been some time, but as of one week ago, The Legend of Maxx is once again up and running! For those unfamiliar, The Legend of Maxx is a webcomic based on the indie game Terraria, and is my largest and most successful ongoing project to date.

I first began creating The Legend of Maxx nearly four years ago, and the comic enjoyed an unprecedented level of recognition. Last December, I made the decision to suspend the webcomic indefinitely, as many things were changing in my life and the comic had become a huge time commitment. I’ve now reached a place where I feel comfortable creating the odd comic again, and frankly, have gotten the itch to chronicle more of Maxx’s strange adventures. Hopefully there will be many more comics to come!

3 thoughts on “The Legend of Maxx Returns!”

  1. Hello Jesse! First off you have created an amazing piece of work and I’ve loved every character, whether for being a funny person or a killjoy. Second off, an idea I had, a possible contest you could have for a character to join the comic. The rules of course are yours to command. But either way its your choice, it’s just a suggestion :D. (PS: I made a short test comic to test my sprites on DeviantArt. Feel free to check it out!) Thanks for reading!

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